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Customer Discovery to develop ideas + solutions to reduce entrepreneurs' and professionals' stress and anxiety.

Randy S. Fisher, Founder & CEO
Customer Discovery

Landon Steele, Senior Advisor
Customer Discovery

Why us?

Since 2017, Customer Discovery has advised, mentored and coached 75+ startups, entrepreneurs and incubators / accelerators with Customer Research skills to identify and validate new markets and customer segments.We use a successful methodology called "Customer Discovery" from the National Science Foundation Innovation I-Corps program at 81 universities in the US.Customer Discovery is a social impact venture.
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  • Get Clarity About Business Needs, Pain Points + Opportunities

  • Create Win-Win Business, Research & Media Partnerships

  • Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Increase Revenues


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  • Partnership with John A. Fraser, former President of the Association of University Technology Managers, in Washington, DC, working on numerous IP and technology commercialization projects in the US and around the globe.

  • Pilot project with World Intellectual Property Organization (a UN Agency) to help Mailelani, a family-owned skincare company in Samoa to expand to Australia and New Zealand. I taught the 'Customer Discovery' methodology and Mailelani's success, at a 14-country conference from the South Pacific, in Fiji in 2023.

  • Formed 20+ partnerships with business, media and 10+ trade associations for Executives on Auction in Vancouver and Seattle - by auctioning off quality time with 50+ executives to raise funds for the charity or deserving nonprofit of their choice.

  • Partnership with Innovators of Progress in Maryland, to support student-led startups in defining their markets and customers. I was directly responsible for a healthcare company to pivot its business model for a health and wellness app, from doctors to nurses - the company has raised $1+ Million.

  • I, Randy Fisher, have been included in 3 successful World Bank contracts for consulting work in Sri Lanka and Czechoslovakia. (The initial contacts came via LinkedIn, and I have never been to either country.)

  • Partnership with HubTec Chile, and its business development team to increase revenues for industry-sponsored research - leading to 100% increase in revenues in a single year.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Who is leading Customer Discovery Pros?
Randy Shawn Fisher, a business strategist and marketing advisor who has worked with 75+ startup and early-stage companies in the US, Canada, Chile and more. Connect with Randy Shawn Fisher on LinkedIn.
Is Customer Discovery Pros. org is a social impact venture?
What is the Business / Revenue Model?
We fund our activities with affiliate / referral relationships, consulting and coaching.
What does Customer Discovery do?
Customer Discovery is a consulting firm that helps companies find product/market fit, investment and opportunities to scale.
Are you open to partnerships?
Yes, connect with Randy Shawn Fisher on LinkedIn.
Do You Have Advisors?
We work with Business Advisors via Customer Discovery Debra Rimmer, LCSW of CompassionWise in NJ is our Mental Health Advisor.
Are You Open to Media & Podcast Interviews?
Yes. Connect with Randy Shawn Fisher on LinkedIn.
Anything Else?
If you are having distress, a medical emergency, or require immediate attention, please contact your doctor or go to the nearest hospital ER.
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